Friday, January 10, 2014

Baking with my girl and a mini projects update

First the baking. When we are having tea at cafes, my daughter and I like having Japanese strawberry shortcake. So we decided to try baking it at home. This is our first home baked Japanese strawberry shortcake following this youtube recipe. The recipe was easy to follow and you must leave ithe frosted cake to chill in the frideg for a few hours. It makes cutting easier :) It's also the first time we've frosted a cake with whipped cream. I was nervous about frosting but it wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be. Next time I would halve the strawberries instead of using whole starwberries on the top because I think it will sit better. And I will add more strawberry halves to the sandwich layer because I like eating lots of strawberries in the cream :)

My cake pan is 9 inch and the recipe resulted in a cake that was too thin to slice into half. So we baked another portion of cake for the second layer. Note to self : next time, double the amount of cake ingredients.

Japanese strawberry shortcake has the texture of a light spongecake and the texture of this cake did not disappoint. It was surprisingly light and the whipped cream was yummy even though we didn't add rum. This is definitely a recipe worth baking again.

Now for the mini project progress update. 
  1. Michael Kors cape - buttons bought, just need to sew them on! 
  2. R's mohair sweater, knitted and seamed. Bought the lace for the tie at the back neck and bought lace to add to the hem of the sweater. It seems like the trend this season, many of the sweaters from Japanese brands have an added chiffon hem. Thing is how does one sew a strip of lace to the sweater hem? Should I use elastic thread? Or will regular polyster thread do? Should I hand sew or machine sew? Any tips for me? 
  3. R's crochet skirt - errrr ... a teeny bit of progress (seamed 2 more panels) since I last posted because I got sidetracked by a new project distraction.
  4. New project - R's pj tshirt and shorts. My daughter asked for pj tshirt and shorts to be made out of knit jersey and I happen to have this pink jersey in my stash all washed and ready to go. Hoping to get sewing on it over the weekend. 


  1. Omg that cake looks so delicious - it's lunch time as I read this, but now all I want is a couple of slices of your cake!

  2. That looks so tasty! I'm looking forward to seeing your finished cape!

  3. I've never had Japanese shortcake before but it looks delicious! I think I'll need to give it a go :)